Former Federal German Minister Warns Germany Heading Toward A Climate Tyranny

“How we live, heat, get around, travel and what we eat could soon no longer be an individual decision, but increasingly be dictated by the state,” a former German federal minister warns.

Kristina Schröder [pictured below], who served as the Federal Family Minister from 2009 to 2013 in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel, recently commented that Germany currently finds itself on a dangerous environmentally dogmatic path under the current leadership. [emphasis, links added]

Pandemic as the blueprint

In a commentary published at Der Pragmaticus here, she writes: “The pandemic has provided a blueprint for the climate movement on how to enforce fundamental restrictions on basic rights.”

“Germany is heading in the direction of a radical climate protection dogma that almost completely ignores the costs of the path taken. And once again, the two predominant patterns of argumentation in the pandemic can be observed: A refusal to weigh things up and an ends-justify-the-means mindset,” Schröder adds.

Kristina Schröder. Image cropped from Twitter/X account.

“I am convinced that large sections of the climate-protection movement are also fighting our way of living and our economy at least as much as they are fighting climate change.

CO2 is a virus of fear

Schröder adds that it is easy to see that CO2 is being viewed as a virus and used to imagine future measures to curb it:

“There is a threat of regulations affecting our most private lifestyles. How we live, heat, get around, travel, and what we eat could soon no longer be an individual decision, but increasingly be dictated by the state.”

Schellnhuber “three tons per year”

She also speaks critically of Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the former director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) who proposes “every citizen could be given a CO2 budget of three tons per year.

The average German emits 11 tons per year, and thus getting down to just three would certainly entail draconian restrictions and regulations.

But so far many Germans have been acting complacently about such drastic proposals, Schröder notes, adding:

“This eager willingness to relinquish fundamental freedoms is all the more disturbing as a crucial question is hardly being asked, let alone answered: Does effective climate protection really have to mean such losses of freedom and prosperity?

Schröder, who contributes regularly to Welt, also wonders why in Germany there’s such a “blindness to the costs” of reducing CO2.

“Why this indifference to the loss of freedom and prosperity?” And: “Why this longing for bans, renunciation, and penance?

“Powerful lever” against capitalism

In Schröder’s view, for the activists, climate protection is “a powerful lever to push back the hated capitalist system.

She concludes:

“I am certain that if a technical solution were to be found tomorrow that would allow us to render CO2 harmless overall, large sections of the radical climate-protection movement would not be relieved, but disappointed.

For the greens and the many activists, it’s follow our politics! It’s not about science.

Read Kristina Schröder’s full commentary here (German). 

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