49 mins ago

    Low Wages and Health Risks Are Crippling the U.S. Wildland Firefighting Forces

    At the end of February, a curtain of flames engulfed the Texas Panhandle, eventually marking the state’s largest wildfire in…
    2 hours ago

    International Debt Is Strangling Developing Nations Vulnerable to Climate Change, a New Report Shows

    Small island developing countries are increasingly becoming locked into a cycle of environmental disasters and compounding debt burdens, making them…
    3 hours ago

    How Do Neighbors of Solar Farms Really Feel? A New Survey Has Answers

    For people living within three miles of a large solar farm, positive attitudes about the development outnumber negative ones by…
    10 hours ago

    As Plastic Treaty Delegates Head to Canada, A Plea From the Arctic: Don’t Forget Vulnerable Indigenous Peoples

    Indigenous people from Arctic communities are calling for environmental protection in the runup to this month’s round of negotiations aimed…
    11 hours ago

    Schools in coal country are going solar » Yale Climate Connections

    Deep in the heart of coal country, schools in Wayne County, West Virginia, are going solar. Conant: “The schools, they…



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