1 hour ago

    7 miners killed, 20 missing after copper mine catastrophe

    A landslide at a copper mine in Chingola, Zambia, killed at least seven miners and has left dozens more missing. …
    3 hours ago

    Indigenous Leaders Urge COP28 Negotiators to Focus on Preventing Loss and Damage and Drastically Reducing Emissions

    As world leaders gather in Dubai for the 28th United Nations climate talks, Indigenous representatives from seven socio-cultural regions are…
    4 hours ago

    Primordial Helium May Be Leaking from Earth’s Core

    A new analysis of ancient lava flows in the Canadian Arctic suggests helium trapped in Earth’s core could be slowly…
    5 hours ago

    North Korea warns harm to its satellite would be declaration of war

    North Korea is warning that any interference with its military spy satellite will be considered a declaration of war. State…
    6 hours ago

    UN reaffirms food assistance to North Korea through 2024

    The United Nations has recommitted to offering food assistance to North Korea through December 2024. The U.N. World Food Programme…



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