16 April 2024

    Low Wages and Health Risks Are Crippling the U.S. Wildland Firefighting Forces

    [ad_1] At the end of February, a curtain of flames engulfed the Texas Panhandle, eventually marking the state’s largest wildfire…
    16 April 2024

    International Debt Is Strangling Developing Nations Vulnerable to Climate Change, a New Report Shows

    [ad_1] Small island developing countries are increasingly becoming locked into a cycle of environmental disasters and compounding debt burdens, making…
    16 April 2024

    How Do Neighbors of Solar Farms Really Feel? A New Survey Has Answers

    [ad_1] For people living within three miles of a large solar farm, positive attitudes about the development outnumber negative ones…
    16 April 2024

    As Plastic Treaty Delegates Head to Canada, A Plea From the Arctic: Don’t Forget Vulnerable Indigenous Peoples

    [ad_1] Indigenous people from Arctic communities are calling for environmental protection in the runup to this month’s round of negotiations…
    16 April 2024

    Schools in coal country are going solar » Yale Climate Connections

    [ad_1] Deep in the heart of coal country, schools in Wayne County, West Virginia, are going solar. Conant: “The schools,…



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