This iOS 17 Feature Blocks Unsolicited Nudes on Your iPhone

Apple released iOS 17 on Sept. 18, and the OS included a handful of fun new features and improvements, like Live Stickers and offline maps. But one new feature included in iOS 17 is designed to help protect you from harassment, like being sent unsolicited nudes.

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Sensitive Content Warnings is a new setting in iOS 17. According to Apple, the setting uses on-device machine learning to analyze and block photos and videos sent to you that might contain nudity. These warnings are turned off by default, but turning them on is easy. 

Here’s how to enable Sensitive Content Warnings on your iPhone.

Turn Sensitive Content Warnings on

1. Open Settings.
2. Tap Privacy & Security.
3. Tap Sensitive Content Warning.
4. Tap the switch next to Sensitive Content Warning.

Once Sensitive Content Warnings are enabled, content that your iPhone thinks contains nudity will appear blurred out. It’ll be covered by a message that reads, “This may be sensitive.” 

The Sensitive Content Warnings menu on iOS 17

When Sensitive Content Warnings are enabled, the Settings page shows the App & Service Access menu.

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These warnings are applied to content sent via Messages, AirDrop, Contact Posters in the Phone app and FaceTime video messages. When you’ve enabled these warnings, you can select which apps and services the warnings are applied to under App & Service Access in the Sensitive Content Warning menu.

If you need help or are unsure about what to do when someone sends you sensitive content, you can tap the triangle with an exclamation point in the top-right corner of the blurred content. This will open safety resources, including tips on how to deal with harassment and things to consider before opening a blurred image or sending a nude photo. There are also additional resources for adults as well as children and teenagers. 

If you decide you want to see content marked as potentially sensitive, tap the button in the bottom-right corner of the blurred image that reads “Show.” 

For more information on iOS 17, check out my review of the OS and our iOS 17 cheat sheet.

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