This 4K drone is on sale for $80 right now

Grab this 4K drone for 60% off. 


The holiday season is coming, and that means it’s as good a time as ever to start shopping for your loved ones. For those with adventurers, outdoor people, and photographers in your lives — the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K dual-camera drone is on sale for just $80 through Oct. 23 only. This price drop offers a great chance to get ahead of the holiday shopping madness. 

This high-powered drone comes with a wide range of special features and capabilities. It comes built with optimized waypoint flight, which means you can see and move with a 360-degree flight angle for amazing views and better navigation. The drone also features a futuristic-feeling gesture control that allows you to manipulate and guide the drone with movements with simple body movements. 

The drone’s remote control capabilities allow you to hone in on views and frames that you feel inspired to photograph. The built-in 4K camera allows you to take high-resolution stills and videos of those views, and the drone’s electronic stabilization system makes them even easier to make better. You can also look out through the drone’s second camera, which features 720p image-taking abilities.

This drone is also great for traveling as it’s lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry. Its one-click take-off and landing tech makes it accessible to newcomers and seasoned fliers alike.

Grab this Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K dual-camera drone for just $80 for a limited time. 

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