The Doomsday Cult And Its Many, Many Failed Predictions

Five years ago, then-California Gov. Jerry Brown said, with great certainty, that “in less than five years, even the worst skeptics will be believers.”

While we’re not sure why some skeptics are in his mind worse than others, it’s clear that he was wrong. Wrong as the prediction of the end of snow was wrong. [emphasis, links added]

Just as wrong as Prince Charles, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Al Gore, celebrated activist James Hansen, and the tiresome, we’ll-have-no-coal John Kerry declaring we have fewer than 100 months or 12 years or 10 years or four years or 500 days to save Earth from the menace of man-made global warming.

We’ve had a half-century of various failed climate and ecological predictions, 18 of them “spectacularly wrong, yet the carbon-obsessed doomsayers continue to insist that a planetary tragedy is imminent.

The difference between them and the end-of-the-world cults that have to recalculate the day of the apocalypse when their prophecies come and go without incident is that much of the Western world has bought into the climate zealots’ hysteria.

In addition to the many botched timeline predictions, there is also the temperature dashboard warning light message.

Once we reach a global temperature that is 1.5 degrees Celsius higher than that of the preindustrial era (whatever that was), we will have arrived at a disastrous threshold.

Never mind that there is no such thing as a measurable global temperature, or that the temperature record is unreliable, or that the 1.5 degrees was not established by science but a number agreed upon to forge a climate agreement.

And never mind that somehow we have essentially hit that 1.5 degrees Celsius tipping point (the climate holocaust should materialize any day now, right? – the lunatics at the Guardian of course say we’re on the verge of catastrophe) and at the same time the Associated Press reports “the world is heading for considerably less warming than projected a decade ago.

Regarding the latter, any rational group of people would be cause for a thorough reevaluation.

But not for the climate fanatics. The central committee of zealots, con artists, corrupt researchers, look-at-mes, and political despots, both elected and appointed, that is forcing the green energy transition will not stray from its goal.

The Eco-palian clerics are never diverted by reality. They refuse to concede their militancy is dangerous. They clearly enjoy hectoring and sermonizing.

They try to win converts through coercion and lies, as do the laymen, who believe that blocking others’ free movement and vandalism are acceptable methods for making an argument.

Despite Brown’s assurance, which was based on nothing but his own narrow viewpoint, the doubters remain unconvinced.

This is healthy, science-based, pragmatic, and justified by the facts. If not for the “worst” and best among the skeptics, the climate faithful would have free rein to make our lives worse with insect diets, carbon passports, EV mandates, energy shortages and exorbitant prices that cause death, primitive heating methods and a number of other prohibitions and requirementsand have nothing to show for it.

Top photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

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