The best laptop docking stations of 2023


Ugreen USB-C multifunction docking station specs: Ports: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A (3); USB 3.1 Type-C (2); Gigabit Ethernet; combo audio; SD/TF card reader | Display: HDMI: 4K @ 60 Hz (1), 8K @ 30Hz (1); DisplayPort 4K @ 30Hz (1); supports up to 3 total displays via HDMI and DP 

Supporting up to three monitors through its HDMI and DP connections, 3 USB-A ports, and an SD card reader, this dock is a monolithic package for all your productivity needs. It also houses a slot for Ethernet also ensure you’ll have fast access to your data via LAN networks or physical media. 

“What’s really cool about this dock is that it can connect to three monitors at the same time. As someone who often has a lot going on and needs to keep track of different things, this is a total game-changer,” says business manager Chris Panteli. Pantelli currently uses the Ugreen docking station and calls it the “Swiss army knife” of his laptop.

While there are other similarly configured docks out there, few offer access to DisplayLink technology. This all-important add-on means PCs without built-in support for triple, or even dual-monitor setups can still use multiple monitors, which is especially vital for M1 Mac users that often find themselves restricted to just one display. 

“The Ugreen USB-C multifunction docking station has been a dependable addition to our technological arsenal,” says Azzam Sheikh, a Digital Strategist at Money Advisor, where his team uses the docking station. “It’s been delivering consistent performance, handling numerous connections seamlessly, and has been a game-changer with its plug-and-play functionality during the remote working boom of 2023.”

“Remember that in the financial industry, time equals money, and that this device is a wise investment in productivity,” Sheikh says. 

Review: Ugreen USB-C Multifunction docking station review


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