Study Shows Prevalence of Liberal College Professors is Not Accidental, and We See the Consequences


When we picture the college experience, many imagine a time of self-exploration, intellectual challenge, and copious amounts of partying. Movies such as Good Will Hunting come to mind and the idea that young adults explore activism and radical ideas before they enter the “real world” and begin their careers as lawyers, doctors, and various other societal roles.

Unfortunately, the college experience hasn’t emulated this ideal for decades. Instead, it has gotten considerably more cartoonish and bizarre than it was in our parent’s heyday. But what is truly scary is that the antics happening on college campuses around this country are destined to bleed out into the “real world” and manifest in ways that have dangerous and negative consequences for the rest of us.

How did the beacons of critical thought and intellectual growth become morphed into the progressive left’s indoctrination machine? Through the very purposeful hiring practices of college administrators.

Not Reflective Of Us

A recent Harvard survey has uncovered that more than three-quarters of Harvard Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences faculty identify as “liberal” or “very liberal.” Only 2.5% of faculty identify as “conservative,” and .4% identify as “very conservative.”

That means over 75% of Harvard faculty are liberal. Now, in a time when everyone speaks of the importance of educators and people in positions of influence ‘look like’ or ‘be representative’ of the population at large, this seems like a bizarre statistic. 

A recent Gallup Poll report illustrates:

“Roughly equal proportions of U.S. adults identified as conservative (36%) and moderate (35%) in Gallup polling throughout 2022, while about a quarter identified as liberal (26%).”

So let me get this straight, Harvard University has about 75% liberals on its faculty when the population of the United States is only just above 25% liberal. How does this happen?

If you ask esteemed law professor Jonathan Turley, it’s purposeful:

“It takes a consistent culture of intolerance for opposing viewpoints.”

Could the good lawyer be onto something? Are higher education administrators purposely hiring liberals, or perhaps to put it better, purposely not hiring conservatives?

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Pledging To DEI

Like most institutions in this country, colleges have robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion departments. So it is no wonder that most colleges require prospective professors to write a statement demonstrating how they would commit to promoting DEI in their work and past experiences doing the same. 

At one point, I was interested in teaching at a university, yet every single one I looked at applying for required the aforementioned DEI statements. Since I refuse to throw myself at the altar of DEI, I opted to go a different path, which is what many conservative-leaning possible educators do.

For those professors already in the system, many of these colleges require these statements to receive tenure or promotions. So if you don’t adhere to the ideals of DEI, you either must sacrifice your principles and lie or accept that you will not be able to advance as an educator.

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So you end up getting colleges not just run by left-wing radicals but students taught by left-wing radicals. Take the case of the CUNY law student who, in her commencement speech, advocated for a revolution in our country, all while spouting anti-Israel hate from the podium.

CUNY Professor Jeffrey Lax said of the appalling speech that “the problem is not her” and that:

“Students are allowed to be idiots – you’re supposed to be an idiot when you’re a student. The problem is that you have faculty condoning, Ok’ing and pushing this forward.”

Keep in mind this student was voted by her peers to give the commencement speech, which had to be reviewed before the event. 

Weeding Out Dissent

The CUNY student who made waves with her antisemitic hate commencement speech said she chose the respected law school because:

“it is one of the very few legal institutions created to recognize that the law is a manifestation of white supremacy that continues to oppress and suppress people in the nation and around the world.”

This young lady will eventually become a lawyer, just like her classmates who thought she would be the best example to represent her graduating class. Good luck if you’re white or Jewish and need legal counsel in the future…you may have slim pickings on lawyers willing to represent you fairly.

Don’t believe the hype that CUNY administrators had no idea they had such a radicalized student who would spew hate on graduation day. Just like you shouldn’t believe Hunter College didn’t know they had hired an unhinged dangerous machete-wielding professor.

Shellyne Rodriguez lost her job at Hunter College after she was caught on video chasing and threatening a news crew with a machete. The news crew was there to talk to her about another outrageous moment earlier when she destroyed a pro-life student display and aggressively verbally accosted the students at the table.

When asked why she thinks she was fired, she said Hunter College had “capitulated” to “racist white nationalists, and misogynists.” Because threatening physical harm with a primitive weapon is a legitimate response to a situation, and to say otherwise is totally a white guy thing to do.

People like that don’t just manifest out of nowhere as dangerous, unstable people; they’ve been like that for a while, and administrators know it. But it’s not just liberal professors that are handpicked; it’s students as well.

A 2020 Harvard study found that only 7% of the incoming class identified as conservative, so much for college admissions being about merit.

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Time To Wake Up

Gone are the days when your kids would go to college, pick up a reasonably harmless bad habit, adopt questionable fashion decisions, and join drum circles in the quad. You can no longer assume that after their four years, your hard money will still be well spent because they will at least be qualified and hirable members of society.

No more can you passively hope that they grow out of their “radical” thinking and adapt to the “real world.” Your radicalized kid that you paid way too much money to attend a school in no way, shape, or form built to educate them is remaking the “real world.” That’s how every lurch leftward in recent history has come about.

They’ve been programmed to adopt the progressive Marxist trash that’s been forced into their minds in a vacuum of free thought, and their higher education masters send them off to reshape our world; they become lawyers and politicians who mutate our criminal justice system to protect the criminal and prosecute the victim.

They become doctors and educators who poison our bodies and minds with lies and false fears. They become journalists and influencers who advocate for suppressing the truth and elevating “lived realities” and “authentic perceived selves.” 

It’s time to stop giving these activist factories your hard-earned money; that will be the only way to save our country from our radicalized youth.

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