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Private islands around the world you can book for the same price as a hotel stay


Vacationing on a completely private island seems like a luxury only affordable for celebrities and the wealthy. There are actually many private islands around the world that have rates very similar to a hotel. 

If you are looking to get away from a crowded all-inclusive resort and want to opt for a more secluded getaway, renting a private island may be the perfect vacation for you. 

Take a look at these 11 private islands you can book around the world for less than $1,000 per night. 

Private island vacations allow for a quieter trip away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. (Murat Kocabas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


United States private islands

Juggler Lake, Minnesota

Juggler Lake features an 18-acre beautiful private island. The A-frame cabin that sits on the island can house up to 10 guests. 

The house includes a floating dock to dive off for a cool dip. The private island costs about $399 per night to book.

If you want to do some boating during your trip to explore more of the lake, you can rent a pontoon for an additional $300 per stay.

Strand Island, Minnesota

The Strand Island Lodge has plenty of room for a large group of travelers. This private island on Pelican Lake sleeps up to 20 guests, with an additional log cabin and sauna house included in your stay. The main house has nine bedrooms, with the log cabin featuring four single beds.

If you don’t have your own boat, you can rent one during your stay. You’ll also have access to kayaks.

The average rates are $930 a night.

Dogatraz Island, Vermont 

Are you sad to leave your furry friend behind while you go on vacation? At this destination, you don’t have to.


Dog lying down

You can take your pet with you during your visit to Dogatraz Island in Hinesburg, Vermont. (iStock)

Dogatraz Island is a pet-friendly secluded getaway on Lake Iroquois, just 10 minutes from shore by canoe.

While here, you’ll stay in a two-bedroom house and enjoy plenty of swimming and beautiful sunsets to end a long day in the sun. 

This private island can be booked for an average of $409 per night.

Republic Island, Michigan

For just around $200 per night, you can stay at Republic Island on Michigamme River. 

A stay in the three-bedroom cedar log cabin is equipped for groups of four or less.

If you want to explore the surrounding waters, you can do so by boat as one is included in the nightly rate.

Island Lake Park, Washington

A short boat ride will get you over to a private island on Island Lake in Poulsbo, Washington. 


Poulsbo, Washington

While staying on the private island on Island Lake, take time to go back to the mainland to explore historic Poulsbo, Washington. (George Rose/Getty Images)

The two-bedroom house sleeps up to eight guests and can be booked for about $304 per night.

Sands Island, North Carolina

Sands Island in North Carolina includes a two-bedroom cottage that can sleep up to five guests.

Visitors can enjoy the 23 acres of land Sands Island has to offer for just $350 per night on average. 

Staying on a private island doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the nightlife. It’s only a short kayak ride to nearby bars and restaurants.

International private islands

Brother Island, Philippines

Brother Island in the Philippines has an average rate of $632 per night. This rate includes a private chef and staff to assist you during your stay. This will allow you to enjoy traditional Filipino dishes made just for you.

Sundang Island, Philippines

There is space for about 15 guests on this private island. The small bungalow includes a bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a separate day bed for guests. Others can sleep on sleeping mats in the living room area of the space.

A stay on this island will allow you to be fully unplugged as a generator keeps power going on the island. If you want the generator on all day, this will be reflected in the nightly fee.

A Filipino dish

While staying on Brother Island, a private chef will be there to provide meals for you and your guests throughout your stay. (Craig Lee/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)


Sundang Island can be booked for an average of $93 per night.

Tahiti Island, Nicaragua

Tahiti Island in Nicaragua features lodging for up to 10 guests at a rate of about $209 per night.

A kitchen and private pool are favored amenities included in this stay. A relaxing hammock is found right outside the house for guests to enjoy.

You may recognize this property as it was featured on the reality show “Island Hunters.”

La Isla Zacatlan, Nicaragua 

A tennis court, pool, garden and walking path are all amenities included with a stay on this private island in Nicaragua.

You can access the island via a short 10-minute boat ride.

This private island has an average rate of $240 per night.

Coz Castel, France

Just about 655 feet from the mainland is the private island of Coz Castel.


Kayaking is a popular activity to take on when visiting a private island. (Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

If the tide is low enough, you can drive over to this private island. It’s only completely surrounded by water twice a day at high tide for about two to three hours.

Lodging on the island accommodates up to 10 guests at a rate of about $265 per night.


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