Paolo Banchero still undecided about playing for Team USA or Italy


Mike Miller, agent for Paolo Banchero, said that the Rookie of the Year has not decided yet on whether to play for Italbasket or Team USA in the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup. “For a youngster like Paolo it is always good to have different options. He would like to play for both national teams, but he knows very well he can’t do it. So he will have to make a decision but we don’t know when it will be. It could take 2 days or 3 months. At the moment we are not saying yes or no to the possibility of playing in the World Cup, it will never be a choice against one NT or the other. We will get in touch with Italy, we owe it to them. Paolo has had two meeting with Grant Hill for Team USA. He must ponder well the decision that will have an impact on the player’s next 15/20 years” Miller said to Sky Sport, as reported by Tuttosport.
Source: Emiliano Carchia @ Sportando


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