New Survey, Same Results: Americans Reject Carbon Taxes, Favor Affordable, Reliable Energy

Summary: By wide margins, voters in key battleground states overwhelmingly oppose efforts by the federal government that would make energy more expensive or increase inflation to address climate change, including raising energy taxes.

The American Energy Alliance and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity recently sponsored a survey of 1,600 likely voters equally divided among eight States (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio) conducted by MWR Strategies in December 2023.

The total sample margin of error was 2.45 percent.

The survey results confirm that there has been little change in sentiment and attitudes on energy and climate change.

Many of the responses in the survey are either consistent with or more emphatic than what we have found in previous surveys.

For example, just three percent of respondents identified climate change as the most pressing issue facing the United States, compared to the 59 percent that identified the economy as either the first or second most important issue facing the United States.

Fifty-one percent of all voters (including 63 percent of Republicans) oppose a carbon dioxide or energy tax on imported goods.

When asked what they would be willing to pay each year to address climate change, the median response was 10 dollars, and 35 percent (including 17 percent of Democrats) said they were unwilling to pay anything.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“The results reconfirm what we already knew: voters are not willing to pay any tax associated with carbon dioxide or energy – including a carbon dioxide or energy tax on imported goods.

“Those who believe in limited government and free energy markets continue to be allied with the vast majority of voters concerning the destructive and pointless nature of carbon dioxide taxes and on the fundamentals of the climate change issue.”

Steve Moore, of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, noted:

“These survey results show Americans care most about their wallets and their access to reliable and affordable energy, not the radical green energy agenda Joe Biden has embraced.”

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