New Study: New York’s Green Transition Will Send Residential Costs Skyrocketing

New Yorkers are about to get an expensive taste of what they voted for as the state’s inevitable green changeover hits their pocketbooks, per a new study.

The Empire Center for Public Policy warns that in 2030, “New York may begin a policy of forcing New York families to use electricity for home heating instead of fuels like heating oil, propane, and natural gas.” [emphasis, links added]

The study, which is titled “In Cold Reality: The Cost and Challenge of Compulsory Home Electrification in New York,” offers a ton of data to make two crucial points…

  • “New York’s plan to steer homeowners and landlords toward electric heat could backfire due to high costs and practical concerns.
  • “The global effect of the costly program of compulsory electrification will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of less than 0.05 percent.” The study goes on to warn that in “choosing this approach, New York has closed the door on a more affordable means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, clean fuel standards that promote biodiesel and renewable propane.”

In 2019, the Democrat-led New York State Legislature passed former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-Credibly Accused Sexual Harasser) insane Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), which calls for a reduction of greenhouse gases by 85 percent from 1990 levels by 2050.

The only way to do this, per the CLCPA, is to electrify water heaters and furnaces in 85 percent of New York homes and businesses by 2050.

Currently, the CLCPA does not include mandates but is “intended to guide future action by the state Legislature and state regulatory agencies.”

So we all know what’s coming, and it’s coming from the Climate Action Council, which this legislation put into place.

And the Climate Action Council recommends that by 2030, there be a ban on “residential-sized equipment for the combustion of fossil fuels for heating and cooling.”

What that means is that if your water heater or furnace dies and you currently use oil, propane, natural gas, or any variation of fossil fuels, you will be required to replace it with either an electric water heater, electric furnace, or electric heat pump.

Even though Climate Change is a hoax, you know New York Democrats will not be shy about turning these fascist recommendations into mandates. Already, Gov. Kathy Hochul is moving to ban gas stoves.

And what you’re looking at is a massive and incredibly expensive changeover. Currently, only 13 percent of New Yorkers use electricity to heat their homes.

The study found that the “cost of installing a heat pump and weatherizing a home” is “$14,600 to $46,200.

The study warns that these prices, even with state help through subsidies, will push a lot of homeowners and landlords to choose cheaper electric furnaces that are less efficient and use a lot more electricity.

This will result in higher monthly electric bills and much more strain on the electric grid.

And that’s the other thing…

If only 13 percent of New Yorkers currently use electric heat, and your goal is to bump that number up to 87 percent in just 26 years, the stress a cold winter will put on the electric grid is incalculable.

And if there’s one thing Democrats refuse to do, it’s to build power plants to handle more energy usage (see: California, Republic of).

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