Mike Pence Claims God Is Calling Him To Run For President


Former Vice President Mike Pence said that he has heard a calling from God and he will announce his presidential campaign decision on Wednesday.

Pence is participating in Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride in Iowa:

That is not the voice of God in Mike Pence’s ear. It’s his ego. Republican presidential candidates who claim that God told them to run do not have good track records, which means that God is a lousy pundit or isn’t really talking to these Republicans.

Trump supporters think that Mike Pence is the anti-Christ, so could Pence possibly be confusing the voice of God with Satan?

Pence has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, and when the only justification for his candidacy is God told him to do it, things will get very bad very fast.

Mike Pence is the candidate that no one wants who still insists on running.

When Mike Pence drops out after the South Carolina primary, God will take another ‘L’ in Republican presidential candidate picking.



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