Josh Hart opting out, wants to stay in New York


“85% of new dads at least wonder what breast milk tastes like,” said Hart who recently became a father to twins. “We had family over that day and they asked me ‘Have you tried…?’ I was, like ‘No, I haven’t tried it.’ But if I ever do, I want the whole charade. I wanna be burped, I want to be cradled. “Somehow I got finessed into like a blind tasting. So we had like almond milk, a creamer and breast milk. Tried it obviously and it was vanilla-flavored almond milk .That’s how it tasted. I literally took the blindfold off after I tasted. I was like ‘Damn, this is actually, like, not bad. It doesn’t taste bad.’ I was like ‘This got to be the breast milk.’ I just knew because it tasted the best out of all of them. -via TalkBasket / June 6, 2023


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