Jamie Raskin Exposes The House GOP’s FBI Scam


House Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said on Sunday morning that the GOP attacks on the FBI are all about boosting Trump.

Video of Raskin:

Raskin talked about what is in the document that the House Oversight Committee wants from the FBI on CNN’s State Of The Union, ” I think it probably has to do with Ukraine and allegations that went nowhere. In other words, this was looked at by the Trump Justice Department, and I think they ended all of it in August, with no prosecutions, no indictments. And they’re going back to recycle these unfounded accusations.”

Raskin later explained what Republicans really want, ” You always want unfettered access, but you’re talking about somebody who was in the majority when Donald Trump was president when he ordered every department of U.S. government not to comply in any way with requests of the House Oversight Committee. So it would have been remarkable if every time we requested a document, they brought it over to show it to us, much less give it to us. So they keep changing the demand torrid to find some reason to find fault with FBI Director Wray, which is why I say, what they’re really going after is a contempt citation against him, and it’s all part of what Chairman Comer admitted was an effort to get Donald Trump’s poll numbers out. It’s all about the 2024 campaign.”

Comer is using the same playbook that House Republicans used against Hillary Clinton in 2016. This time it isn’t Benghazi. It is the ‘weaponization of government’ by Joe Biden against Donald Trump, The Republicans have also tossed in allegations of corruption and pay-to-play against President Biden to negate Trump’s felony charges and legal problems.

It is all an abuse of power con, and frustration is growing among House Republicans because this isn’t 2015-2016 anymore, and the press isn’t pushing their laundered conspiracy theories.

The fact that the FBI continues to comply with requests, but House Republicans keep escalating against them demonstrates that the real point of the James Comer political dinner theater is to help Trump.


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