James Woods Takes A Stand For The 2nd Amendment – ‘Makes More Sense Than Anything On Earth’


James Woods, who has long been one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, took to social media on Thursday night to take a stand for the Second Amendment, which gives Americans the right to bear arms.

Woods Defends Second Amendment

“The Second Amendment only makes sense when you need it, and then it makes more sense than anything on earth,” Woods tweeted.

Woods, 76, has long been an outspoken defender of the Second Amendment.

“When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must take the extraordinary step of admonishing a United States Senator from targeting the lives of named Justices, we are in civil war territory,” Woods tweeted in 2020. “The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for violent haters like Chuck Schumer.”

Woods Shoots Down Alyssa Milano

That same year, Woods fired back at the radically liberal Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano after she said, “The weapons that people are buying today could end up being used in household, schools, churches, bars and on our streets in the future. We all have to look out for each other, so please, please, please share this video to stop the coronavirus gun surge. We can’t lose anymore lives to guns during this pandemic or after it’s over.”

Woods, however, was not having any of this.

“Thank you for the reminder,” he responded. “When the looting starts, always be prepared. Buy more ammo!”

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Woods ‘Blacklisted’ By Hollywood

Woods, who has been nominated for two Oscars in the past, has previously claimed that he was “blacklisted” by Hollywood for being a conservative.

“I, too, was blacklisted by that individual at #HFPA after nine Golden Globe nominations,”  he tweeted back in 2018. “During a press junket with HFPA, he asked if I would support Hillary Clinton if she ever ran for president. Never nominated again.”

Around that same time, Woods revealed that he was dropped by his agent, who he described as a “political liberal,” over his views.

“It’s the 4th of July and I’m feeling patriotic. I don’t want to represent you anymore. I mean I could go on a rant but you know what I’d say,”  Woods’ former agent Ken Kaplan wrote to him in an email.

“Dear Ken, I don’t actually,” Woods replied. “I was thinking if you’re feeling patriotic, you would appreciate free speech and one’s right to think as an individual. Be that as it may, I want to thank you for all your hard work and devotion on my behalf. Be well.”

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Woods Defends Trump

Woods has also been an outspoken defender of the former President Donald Trump.

“Let’s face it. Donald Trump is a rough individual,” Woods tweeted in 2020. “He is vain, insensitive and raw. But he loves America more than any President in my lifetime.”

“He is the last firewall between us and this cesspool called Washington,” he continued. “I’ll take him any day over any of these bums.”

We are living in a time when the entertainment world is more liberal than ever before. God bless Woods for being one of the only actors who has the guts to defend conservative values, which include the Second Amendment!


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