Dems Want To Replicate California’s Disastrous Policies Across America

The following is an excerpt from The Newsom Nightmare: The California Catastrophe and How to Reform Our Broken System.

President Biden promised his administration would look more like America, but it looks a lot more like California.

Kamala Harris is the vice president, thus proving the Peter Principle is alive and well in the Democratic Party. [emphasis, links added]

Californians are in charge of the Treasury, Homeland Security, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Energy. Several UC Berkeley graduates are part of Biden’s team.  Berkeley has been the country’s ultra-liberal flagbearer since the ’60s.

Radical ideas that began in ivory towers on the Left Coast have made their way into the White House. Dubbed “The West Coast Avengers,” these Californians are already shaping national policy.

President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan has been called “Making America California Again.” Originally slated to cost $3.5 trillion, the bill’s final version was trimmed to $1.2 trillion.

It’s now been implemented partially in the Orwellian titled “Inflation Reduction Act,” which doesn’t do anything about inflation but makes it worse, and hardly does anything about the world’s pollution problem except lard on added costs to Americans while letting the Chinese and Indians off the hook.

Biden’s Build Back Better Plan/Inflation Reduction Act reads like a Left Coast wish list: implementing the Green New Deal, raising the minimum wage to $15, and expanding family paid leave.

It’s no surprise that California was the big winner: The federal government will spend more money in California than in any other state.

Biden claimed that the plan would pay for itself. The Congressional Budget Office disagreed and found Biden’s accounting was only $367 billion off.

California is shaping the national debate and influencing policy on myriad issues, including immigration, energy and climate change, public sector employee pensions, and the minimum wage.

Biden is following Gov. Newsom’s playbook of courting unions by attempting to give them the same privileges they enjoy in California. The Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act was the Democrats’ effort at Californicating the entire country. …snip…

Thankfully, Republicans killed this thinly concealed union power grab.

Regrettably, the Californication of the national agenda continues. Nancy Pelosi led the charge as speaker of the House, and the new minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries, was her top lieutenant and even more left than she was.

On the Democrats’ agenda are socialist policies germinated on the Left Coast like guaranteed income, carbon neutrality, and universal health care. …

California positioned itself as the moral, anti-Trump alternative, ready and willing to be the left’s standard-bearer in the political and cultural wars that have threatened to destabilize society.

Big Tech and corporate media will broadcast their leftist agenda like it’s a moral imperative based on irrefutable science.

The front line of the culture and political wars will be fought in Sacramento and Silicon Valley. Newsom is going to try to get them to be national in a race for power as the next president.

That cannot be allowed to happen; we cannot allow the whole country to be as mismanaged and unlivable for the middle class as California.

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