Climate Protesters Interrupted A Trump Event And His Response Was Classic

We’ve seen a lot of climate protesters trying to disrupt the 2024 candidates.

I wrote about how one charged the stage and got far too close to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

He was tackled off the stage, sat on, and generally didn’t have a happy time of it. Another protester was also reportedly tackled and ushered out. [emphasis, links added]

Then [the climate protesters showed up] at an event for Vivek Ramaswamy. But apparently, they didn’t expect that he [would allow them to speak], so that didn’t turn out very well for them either.

Now it looks like it’s former President Donald Trump’s time in the box dealing with these characters when some of them showed up at one of his events in Iowa.

They looked like more folks from the Sunrise Movement. His response was perhaps the funniest response of the three.

As the protester began shouting, Trump was completely unfazed by it all and immediately quipped, “Go home to mommy. Your mommy’s waiting.”

Supporters started chanting: “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and “USA! USA!”

Trump even recalled how he used to get protesters in the past.

Other protesters who were holding signs saying “climate criminal” and chanting were then ushered out.

Trump commented further, saying:

“That’s why we have America. But they’ll figure it out. They’re fighting oil. They’re basically saying let’s close up our country.”

He then went on to warn that China is increasing its building (while the Biden team is in the grip of climate crazies).

“And you’re going to end up with a country that wouldn’t be able to compete if you listen to them [the protesters],” he added.

Of course, he’s right, but they don’t seem to care about that, they’re all in on the pushing the agenda, and they don’t understand (or don’t care) about how getting rid of fossil fuels would harm the country and hurt Americans.

But they found it didn’t go over very well in a Trump audience.

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