Christian Star Kirk Cameron Issues Chilling Warning To Parents – ‘Deactivate This Progressive Machine’


The former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron, who has long been one of the only openly conservative Christian stars in Hollywood, has spent the past few months traveling the country holding story hours at churches, libraries and schools.

Now, he’s speaking out to reveal what he’s learned about American parents who are finally starting to see the blatant leftwing indoctrination of their children that is happening in schools, and he also has a chilling warning for them.

Parents Are ‘Waking Up From The Woke Matrix’

“They’re waking up from the woke matrix, and they’re realizing that they need to deactivate this progressive machine that is stealing the hearts and minds of their children,” Cameron, 52, told Fox News. “It’s very encouraging, and I’m just getting started.”

Though public libraries all over America have been eager to host drag queen story hours, many of them have been “rejecting” Cameron’s requests to hold his own story hours in which he promotes conservative Christian values to kids. His most recent story hour at the Seattle Public Library last month was met with protests outside from hateful leftists who wanted to silence him.

“We went to the Seattle Public Library and we were welcomed there as I was reading this book called ‘Pride Comes Before the Fall,’ which teaches kids the dangers of pride and the value of humility,” Cameron recalled, adding that he believes redefining gender is the “height of pride.”

“Of the seven deadly sins, this is the deadliest one, and ultimately what that is, is saying, ‘I’m God and I can determine morality, I can determine gender, I can redefine things according to my own image,’ and I applaud those who are wanting to bring us back to the values that made us the freest, strongest, most blessed nation in the world — and that’s the Judeo-Christian moral standard and ethic,” he explained.

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Cameron’s Warning To Parents

Cameron went on to warn parents that “this reorganization of our society” is only getting worse, calling on anyone who has children to “get off the defense, get on the offense” and “take back the leadership position of the education of your children.”

“What doesn’t help is when you have people who stand to make huge financial profit off of medical procedures that actually make the problem worse, in my opinion, and don’t bring clarity, but increase confusion,” he concluded. “What we need to do is get back to the truth and speak it to them in love, even if it’s not popular or what they’re seeing on TikTok, and that’s what I’m trying to do by reading my books.”

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‘Stop Complaining About The Culture’

During another Fox News appearance last month, Cameron called on parents to take action.

“If you’re a parent, if you long for a return to wholesome, God-honoring values . . . if you want to salvage this country and its biblical values for your children . . . stop complaining about the culture,” he said.  “Instead, be brave and start creating the culture you want for your children. Lead by example. Show your kids and grandkids what genuine faith and moral integrity look like. Steel your God-given backbone.”

The indoctrination of children in schools really has gone too far, and if we don’t start pushing back soon, the next generation of Americans is surely doomed. God bless Cameron for doing his part to fight back against the left as they continue to target our children with their depravity!


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