California’s Permanent Drought Update: Lake Shasta Reservoir ‘Well Above’ Historical Averages

Why did the so-called climate change experts predict a continued drought in California, instead of predicting the record snow and rain the state actually received?

Precipitation that has caused the [state’s] reservoirs to be well above the historical average? [emphasis, links added]

See the article below, shared by Yahoo News:

California’s Lake Shasta rising from severe drought levels in stunning before and after images

Lake Shasta, the largest reservoir in California, is on an unexpected—though welcomed—rise in water levels. Heavy storms in the state have saturated the area, with nearly 37 inches of rain falling in the Shasta Damn [sic] surroundings since October 2023. Recently, heavy rainfall has increased water levels by a foot in just one week, bringing the record to about 70% full, well above the historical average.

When looking at the timeline of the drought-riddled scene from just two years ago to now, there has been quite an impressive and dramatic change.

Why was it unexpected? Why should we believe they can predict climate conditions a hundred years from now when they can’t predict the current weather?

Why should we base policies on computer model predictions that have continuously been wrong?

How is Alaska reaching such extreme negatives when the Democrats and other green pushers tell us that everything we do and use is causing existential warming? From RedState:

Minus-30—Even for Alaska, That’s Cold!

The largest utility in Alaska delivered a record amount of natural gas this week as customers cranked up the heat to warm buildings and homes during a brutal cold snap that has lasted more than a week.

Enstar broke its record around midnight on Wednesday, delivering 268 million cubic feet of gas a day to its 150,000 customers, said Enstar president John Sims.

That beat the previous record of 254 million cubic feet, set on Jan. 19, 2017, during a frigid spell then.

How many times have we been falsely told over the last hundred years that ocean currents are collapsing? Well again, just the other day from CNN:

A crucial system of ocean currents may already be on course to collapse, according to a new report, with alarming implications for sea level rise and global weather — leading temperatures to plunge dramatically in some regions and rise in others.

How does a warming climate cause temperatures to plunge dramatically in some regions of the ocean?

Why would any person with common sense believe that politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, or anyone else could establish policies that could change or control ocean currents with all the natural variables in the climate?

Does anyone believe that “complex and expensive” computer systems, that are programmed by people pushing the green agenda, could be unbiased and accurate?

Death Valley has essentially been in a 10,000-year drought that was/is clearly not caused by humans, CO2, or our use of natural resources. From Yahoo News:

California rainstorms brought — and kept — a lake at Death Valley

A temporary lake at Badwater Basin is rare, according to the park service. The basin is itself a former inland lake, called Lake Manly, which has long since dried up. It existed in two past periods, and most recently dried around 10,000 years ago, according to the park.

Here is a sample of things that have not caused (or even contributed to) reservoirs rising so rapidly in California, extremely cold weather in Alaska, ocean currents to change, or a Death Valley lake to temporarily return for the first time in 10,000 years:

So what caused all these things to happen?

The natural cyclical pattern of the climate. The Earth has gone through many warming and cooling periods throughout its history.

It is gratuitous for the media and other green pushers to denigrate those of us who tell the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally as “climate change deniers,” “anti-science,” and “stupid.”

The purpose of such derogatory adjectives is to mislead the public and shame them into silence, to get people to capitulate. They are interfering in elections.

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