Biden Goes On Climate Rant During Border Visit, Calls Deniers ‘Neanderthals’

President Biden began his remarks during a Thursday visit to the southern border in Texas by addressing a devastating wildfire in the state’s panhandle and Oklahoma before calling climate change deniers “Neanderthals.”

Speaking in the border city of Brownsville, Biden first addressed the ongoing wildfire that has ravaged a portion of Texas and destroyed more than one million acres. [emphasis, links added]

“I’ve flown over a lot of these wildfires since I’ve been president,” Biden said. “Flown over more land burned to the ground. All the vegetation gone more than the entire state of Maryland in square footage.”

“The idea there’s no such thing as climate change. I love that, man,” he added. “I love some of my Neanderthal friends who still think there’s no climate change.

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Biden didn’t mention Republicans, but he has criticized the GOP in the past for disputing global warming.

When the National Climate Assessment, which details climate change impacts, was released in November 2023, Biden blasted the party.

“Anyone who willfully denies the impact of climate change is condemning the American people to a very dangerous future. Impacts are only going to get worse, more frequent, more ferocious, and more costly,” he said at the time. “None of this is inevitable.”

After his brief climate change remarks, he further criticized Congress for failing to pass bipartisan border legislation.

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