‘Barely Getting By’: Biden’s Green Agenda Hurting US Pipeline Workers’ Livelihoods

Workers in the energy capital of the world are claiming the Biden administration’s energy agenda is crippling the industry.

At Troy Construction headquarters in the Houston, Texas, area, 3,000 jobs are allegedly on the line.

“About half of our business is gone, right out of the chute,” CEO Taylor Dacus told FOX Business’ Grady Trimble in an appearance on “Mornings with Maria” Wednesday. [emphasis, links added]

Setting out to tackle climate change, the Biden administration made a goal to create 10 million green energy jobs after lawmakers passed the Inflation Reduction Act.

As of November, the IRA had generated 211,000, environmental group Climate Power reported.

The shift towards renewable energy industries and Biden’s recent executive action to pause approvals of any new liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports has put companies like Dacus’ on edge. Three pipeline workers also spoke to Grady about their jobs and financial survival at stake.

“I just recently bought a house, so I got a mortgage, and then I got a truck payment,” Troy Construction worker Obed Camacho said, before mentioning his one-year-old daughter. “I got to take care of a little one, diapers.”

I’m good at my job. I want to stay doing it. And, I’d like to see them get a job, doing something else, because they’re not very good at theirs,” a coworker of Camacho added.

“In my eyes, it’s a little too late to switch,” the third worker also noted. “We live to do what we do, and we like it, and we’re proud of it.

According to economist and FOX Business contributor Liz Peek, Biden’s latest energy action was due to political pressure from climate activists who are “peeved” that the president allowed the Willow oil drilling project to move forward in Alaska.

“The irony is that increased LNG exports from the U.S. can help China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, and other countries transition away from coal, the world’s dirtiest fuel,” Peek wrote in an op-ed.

“By slashing future U.S. LNG exports, Biden will actually make the global climate outlook worse.

Impacts from Biden’s cancellation of natural gas projects have already been recorded, as former Keystone XL welder Lynn “Bugsy” Allen said on “Varney & Co.” recently that he’s “barely” getting by.

“I’ve been welding for 35 years,” Allen said. “I ain’t going to go try to get a green energy job. They don’t pay good at all.

It ain’t even close to what we make,” the welder continued. “I’m barely getting by. There’s a whole lot of guys like me.”

Top photo by Seli̇m Arda Eryilmaz on Unsplash

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