Auto Dealerships Turning Into Electric Vehicle Boneyards


When you have seasoned criminals running the legislative process, it should come as no surprise that you get a government saturated with theft, money laundering, and corruption.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a new report, revealing this:

Electric vehicle sales growth hit a speed bump in the U.S. this year, and the impact is being felt throughout the industry.

The authors of the article suggest that the “relatively high prices” of EVs might have something to do with the people’s “hesitancy” to make the switch—because the average $54k for an EV (which is $5k more than the average gas vehicle) is only a “relatively high” cost for a car. [emphasis, links added]

They also noted that because of the “speed bump” in sales, the inventory isn’t moving. Shocker. Under Bidenomics, few have the money to dump into a vehicle that can’t be trusted.

From the report:

Electric vehicle sales began to stall in the latter half of this year, a move that car executives attributed to the relatively high prices of electric models.

As a result, electric cars and trucks are piling up on dealer lots, causing auto companies to reassess their investment plans.

Now mind you, this is despite all the money that companies themselves have poured into EV development, on top of the billions we have been forced to dump into the scheme via government extortion. This is lunacy.

[The taxpayer subsidizes the entire industry and the EV owners themselves]—a month or so ago, I wrote an essay on a new report that found that taxpayers cover more than 93% of the cost to “fuel” battery-powered cars.

We’ve been invoiced for tax breaks and new charging stations (that still haven’t even been built after years), and our infrastructure crumbles faster thanks to the weight of EVs on the road and all those fires they cause.

Yeah, all our insurance rates go up to compensate for the mega-liability.

Remember all the outrage over Solyndra? To think, that was only a paltry ~$500 million loss to the taxpayer—this is billions… and counting.

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