As Climate ‘Science’ Collapses, Biden Admin Stirs Up Racial Division


The “climate change” panic is predicated on computer models, which are useful for finite projects, such as calculating metal stress, designing a chair, or building dental prosthetics.

However, for something as complex as the Earth’s climate, with its infinite variables, the only constant for computer models is GIGO (“garbage in, garbage out”).

A new report about a major failure in these models—misunderstanding water vapor input—proves this point. [emphasis, links added]

The report was published just as Richard Levine, the sexual fetishist at HHS, put out a video using “climate change” to stir up racial division, thereby highlighting what “climate change” is really about: Power.

Anyone paying attention knows that climate change mania is a fraud. First, the Earth’s climate has been changing relentlessly for its entire lifespan, long before humans started using mass quantities of hydrocarbons for energy.

Second, if you know anything about human development, humans have thrived during warming periods and suffered when it gets cold.

As one example, in his masterful book about the Black Death, which killed one-third to one-half of the world’s population, John Kelly explains that global cooling was the trigger.

Thanks to the medieval warming period, the world’s population grew rapidly because there was more food. When the Mini Ice Age began, famine set in.

The cooling trend also changed trade routes, taking traders through regions filled with plague-bearing rodents. The famine-weakened population was ripe for an aggressive bacterium to run riot.

Third, as a generalized matter, cold, not heat, kills people. The colder it gets, the more people die.

Fourth, leftists have been adamantly opposed to exploring nuclear power, which is the single best option for providing energy for the modern world without increasing CO2 output.

Fifth, leftists have mostly been unfazed by the destruction wrought by their “alternative energy” programs, whether it’s:

Sixth, there’s the little fact that the climate change predictions are almost invariably wrong:

Those failed climate predictions bring us full circle to my early point about GIGO. A new study shows that the models failed to account for how water vapor affects the Earth’s ability to control the climate:

A new study published in PNAS has demonstrated, once again, that climate models fail to simulate what happens in the real world with regard to fundamental climate change variables like water vapor.

This is a devastating finding, as water vapor is the most significant greenhouse gas due to its alleged “feedback” capacity, accelerating warming well beyond what CO2 is said to be capable of alone.

The authors do not understate the significance of this climate modeling failure.

“This represents a major gap in our understanding and in climate model fidelity that must be understood and fixed as soon as possible in order to provide reliable hydroclimate projections for arid/semi-arid regions in the coming decades.”

It’s heartening to know we won’t be boiled to death anytime soon.

However, I can assure you that the powers that be, whether in the United States, Europe, or at the way-too-powerful World Economic Forum, a collection of megalomaniacal, wealthy crackpots will ignore this, as they’ve ignored all other evidence that anthropogenic climate change is not real. (Pollution is real, and it behooves us to fix that, of course.)

The reason they’ll ignore this important study is because of the keyword in the above paragraph: “power.”

Terrifying people with the thought of climate change allows governments and NGOs to affect policies, all of which are aimed at driving power away from nation-states into the global governance of the UN and the WHO, with the WEF as the broker.

Within Western countries, climate change madness allows governments to punish political enemies and reward political friends.

Also, as this recent video from Assistant Secretary for Health Richard Levine (an exhibitionist, sexual deviant who styles himself as a woman) reveals, climate panic is useful as a racial wedge issue:

No amount of data will ever turn leftists away from screaming about climate change. It’s too useful politically.

However, We the People must exercise our power at the polls to get rid of leftist politicians who cynically exploit fear about a fake phenomenon to obtain and maintain political power.

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