Arctic Sea Ice At Its Highest Level In 21 Years For This Time Of Year

Some alarmist scientists claim it’s the hottest year on record, yet Arctic sea ice for this date stands at its highest level in 21 years.

Source: NSIDC

This year’s reading – up to January 8 – has now far exceeded the average for the years 2011-2010, also exceeds the average for the years 2001-2010, and points directly upwards [regarding] the years 1991-2000:

Source: NSIDC

Much like Greenland, the Arctic continues to defy the dogmatic prophecies of the AGW party; and the party has long needed a time machine to confirm its hopeless predictions: “Ice-free in summer by 2014”.

Where’s the melt?

The latest update shows the tide seems to have turned for Arctic sea ice, especially this season, which has seen the largest extent in 21 years (since 2003).

At 13,741 km², the total area for 2024 is well above the 2011-2020 average and even exceeds the 2001-2010 average:

Source. NSIDC

Top photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager on Unsplash. This time of year polar bears are hibernating.

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