An ‘Unprecedented Time’: Inside the Three-Dimensional Approach Corporate Executives Are Taking to Generative AI

With generative AI buzz at all-time highs, many organizations are focused on how this emerging technology can be leveraged for better workforce management and productivity. But there’s a more nuanced use of AI, and that is to work with and extract insights from your enterprise data itself.

C-Suites and boards are looking at generative AI in three dimensions, said Archana Vemulapalli, Head of Product and Global Strategy for Data and AI at AWS: Employee experience optimization, new product development, and the operating model of the entire organization. 

“Data is the foundation. And when you build on a shaky foundation, it isn’t going to last,” Vemulapalli said. “Having meaningful structures in place that the business can leverage is going to be huge.”

In this episode of “Into the Cloud”, ZDNET Editor in Chief Jason Hiner spoke with Vemulapalli about what AWS is hearing from current executive clients, how organizations can manage the variety of data necessary to power generative AI initiatives, and how to determine whether you have the right tools in place to do the job.

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