Al Gore Unwittingly Makes Case ‘Against’ Mass Migration In Latest Climate Scare

The village idiot was apparently ready to embarrass himself again, and he did not disappoint; of course, I’m talking about the one and only Al Gore.

During a televised segment yesterday on CNN’s “State of the Union” show, anchor Jake Tapper asked Gore what would happen if the world failed to “react” to the impending climate doom—what sufficient “reaction” looks like is still unclear—and what the “worst-case scenario” would be. [emphasis, links added]

Below is Gore’s response, via a Breitbart report:

Gore said, ‘The scientist who has warned us of these mega-storms and the floods and mudslides and droughts and the ice melting and the sea level rising and the storms getting stronger and the tropical diseases and climate and migrants crossing international borders in large numbers. They were dead right when they warned us about this, and so we need to pay more attention to them now.’

He continued, ‘Here is one thing they say: if we don’t take action, there could be as many as 1 billion climate refugees crossing international borders in the next several decades. Well, a few million have contributed to this wave of populist authoritarianism and dictatorships and so forth. What would a billion do? We can’t do this. We could lose our capacity for self-governance.’

As we all know Gore is reliably unreliable, so of course, those “facts” weren’t even accurate.

These climate doomsayers are “dead right” despite a 100% fail rate? Yeah, sure. (Last year, the American Enterprise Institute published an “18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions” piece, and it’s worth a read.)

First of all, glaciers are growing, and all signs point to a coming era of extreme cold.

Furthermore, cold temperatures have caused (and continue to do so) far more death than “global warming” ever has; according to Bjorn Lomborg, a “high-profile Danish figure known primarily for his internationally-renowned book, The Skeptical Environmentalist”:

Cold deaths vastly outweigh heat deaths. This is common knowledge in the academic literature and for instance, the Lancet finds that each year, almost 600,000 people die globally from heat but 4.5 million from cold.

But Gore doesn’t seem to grasp the true irony of his statement: although as I noted above the sufficient “reaction” to temper the climate “emergency” isn’t really uniformly articulated (by the parasite class of leftist globalists pushing the agenda), we know it involves a complete and utter surrendering of personal liberties and national sovereignty to shadowy foreign bureaucracies.

What Gore is really saying is that to save “self-governance” we have to give it up.

“Give us your lives, your fortunes, and your liberty, and let amorphous unaccountable global agencies micromanage your existence from womb to tomb, OR YOU FORFEIT YOUR ‘CAPACITY’ FOR SELF-GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY IS DEAD!”

“They” tell us we can’t fly. “They” took our light bulbs and freon, while gas stoves, air conditioners, water heaters, and dishwashers walked up the gallow steps.

“They” demand we give up our gas-powered cars, for our good and safety. “They” want social credit scores that include carbon output as a mitigating factor.

“They” tell us to murder the most vulnerable and precious among us, for the sake of humanity and compassion. “They” are beyond demented and evil.

But, more absurdly, Gore noted that without mitigation, “climate refugees” will ultimately lead to the death of “self-governance because, by his (il)logic, it will invite more “populist authoritarianism” and “dictators” (read President Donald Trump and anyone else that fits his mold) into the Western nations fixing to be overwhelmed by Third World hordes.

Ergo, doesn’t that make the Democrat case to curb the open borders policies they’ve championed for so long? If you don’t want Trump or anyone like him, then why create a melee in which you anticipate losing? Like I said, village idiot, with (heavy, heavy) emphasis on the “idiot.”

Read more at American Thinker

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