Aaron Rodgers pokes fun at Zach Wilson over new Jets QB relationship


Aaron Rodgers is certainly glad Zach Wilson is not making his life as the New York Jets starting quarterback a living hell every day.

Zach Wilson promised to make whoever came in to replace him as the New York Jets starting quarterback’s life hell, but it hasn’t been all that bad for Aaron Rodgers, per Rodgers himself.

“He’s been incredible. Hasn’t made my life hell everyday,” Rdogers said.

Rodgers is absolutely thriving in his short time as Gang Green’s signal-caller. He gets to play for a contending team with a stellar defense in the twilight of his illustrious career, while Wilson gets to hopefully salvage his career by backing up one of the best to ever do it. Given that Rodgers always had a good working relationship with his backups in Green Bay, he and Wilson should be just fine.

Of course, there is always the chance that Wilson could start making Rodgers’ life a complete hell.

The only hell Wilson created was the one he handed to Jets fans everywhere in a hand basket on fall Sundays over the course of the last two years. His jet has crashed, but Rodgers can rebuild it.

Aaron Rodgers trolls Zach Wilson over his hellish tenure as New York Jets starter

Look. I like the fact that Rodgers is having a ton of fun at Wilson’s expense with the New York media. It’s very rare for any professional athlete to have this playful of a relationship with the New York media, but here we are. Isn’t this just fantastic? Regardless, Rodgers and Wilson have to work together to help the Jets do something they haven’t done in over a decade: Make the AFC playoffs!

I would argue the Jets are firmly a top-seven team in the AFC. While I have skepticism that they can eclipse the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs as the conference’s upper crust, they could totally hang with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins in-division, as well as be every bit as good as other contending teams such as the Baltimore Ravens or Jacksonville Jaguars.

Together, Rodgers, Wilson or whomever is under center for the Jets needs to win about 11 games this fall. It is playoffs or bust for Gang Green, and everyone knows it. Admittedly, New York had a decent shot at that a season ago, if not for poor quarterback play, mostly out of Wilson. However, with great expectations comes great pressure. The Jets routinely fall to pieces under said pressure.

It may not be exactly iron sharpening iron in the Jets quarterback room, but it sure is something.


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