Aaron Gordon gifts Jamal Murray a ‘JM27’ diamond pendant


Austin Rivers: It bothers me [the Nuggets] are in the Finals. It bothers me that I didn’t get to play with Jamal Murray. It bothers me that everyone now is like ‘Oh, they have this complete roster.’ No, they have f—— seven guys that they play. They don’t even play a full roster. They’re not even playing a full team right now. … I’m bitter. I’m salty. I am all of that in between. The only reason I’m happy is because I’m good friends with Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr. And I’m happy they’re in the Finals. … And it was tough to play them in the first round. Not only was it tough, I went from playing 20 minutes a game on the Denver Nuggets to not playing a minute in the first couple of games for the Timberwolves and then losing in the first round. It’s been a bumpy ride in the last two months. And I’ve had humble pie before, but my God. … But yeah, am I genuinely like really actually mad? No, I’m happy for the guys. But is there a part of me that’s salty about this situation? That I’m looking on the TV screen and seeing these guys hoist trophies? I’m like ‘bro, no.’ -via Spotify / June 4, 2023


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